Service Line:18117589710

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  • 1、Our after-sales service tenet: abide by the promise and sincere service.
  • 2、The supplier is responsible for installation and commissioning of the equipment free of charge.
  • 3、The supplier is free to train and operate the maintenance personnel.


  • Mobile Phone:18117589710
  • Telephone:+086-021-67657286
  • E-mail:
  • Address:S NO.268 Rongtian road,lvxiang,Jinshan district ,Shanghai.

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Shanghai Lanthai Microwave Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company with a group of ten years of microwave industry employees, set up research and development, manufacturing, sales of industrial applications of microwave equipment business. Industrial application of microwave is not a simple general mechanical equipment, but a high-performance microwave equipment based on the production process of enterprise products.